Ink tank introduction for high-speed bottle tumbler printer

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What is High-Speed Bottle Tumbler Printer Ink Tank?

As the name suggests, it is a box for placing uv ink. In the entire ink path, it is divided into a large ink tank and a secondary ink tank. The large ink tank is used to store and add ink, and the secondary ink tank is used to supply ink to the head.

The standard high-speed bottle tumbler printer has 6 large ink tanks, corresponding to 6 colors, V (varnish), W (white), K (black), C (cyan), M (red), Y (yellow), High-end machines can also be equipped with 7 or even 8. The color of the large ink tank is black, which effectively reduces sunlight exposure and prevents the ink from reacting. The UV ink can be added to the large ink tank to realize the recycling of the machine. Its stirring device is directly connected to the outside, and a separate ink pump will be added outside to allow the ink to be recycled, and the ink is pumped out and delivered to the head through the ink tube.

Secondary ink tank

There are 6 secondary ink tanks on the high-speed bottle tumbler printer trolley, corresponding to 6 colors, K (black), C (cyan), M (red), Y (yellow), W (white), and V (varnish). The advantage of the secondary ink tank is to allow the ink supply to the head to be even and stable so that the ink will not be broken or other problems will cause printing abnormalities. At the same time, it has a heating function. There is a heating sheet under the secondary ink tank and a temperature sensor on it. The equipment can still be used normally in bad weather.

In actual use, the normal operation of the secondary ink tank directly affects the inkjet printing of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer. Under normal circumstances, do not open or touch easily. After a problem occurs, just contact the after-sales technical staff as soon as possible.


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