Instructions for the use of dual-channel positive and negative pressure systems for high-speed cylindrical bottle printers

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Digital Negative Pressure Gauge Introduction

Digital Negative Pressure Gauge Introduction

①. Air pressure unit: The default air pressure unit is set to kPa (kPa).

②. Current negative pressure display value: display the current actual negative pressure value.

③. Current negative pressure setting value: Display the current negative pressure value.

④. Output signal: When the signal is frequently bright red, it means that the negative pressure is unstable; when it is always on, it means that there is air leakage in the negative pressure. For air leakage, it is necessary to check whether there is air leakage in the air circuit or the ink circuit, such as the tube is not inserted in place or is loose, the joint is not tightened, and so on.

⑤ . Down key: select or decrease the value.

⑥ . Up key: select or increase the value.

⑦. Mode key: Set different function modes.

Positive pressure extrusion ink operation steps

Squeeze ink (press ink) step

Step ①. After the print head is installed, before pressing the ink button, open the ink valve, and then press the color ink or white/oil positive pressure button, after a few seconds, the ink will emerge from the white ink and varnish nozzle (first use It is necessary to completely drain the air inside the ink tube and the nozzle), press the ink once for about 3-5 seconds, and it is forbidden to press for a long time to avoid damage to the nozzle.

Step ②. Press the white/oil positive pressure button, press the ink for about 1-2 seconds, and wipe the residual ink droplets on the surface of the nozzle with a clean lint-free cloth.

Step ③. Before pressing the color ink positive pressure ink button, fold the dust-free cloth and stick it on the color ink nozzle (if no dust-free cloth is attached to the nozzle surface, it will cause color mixing and affect the printing effect), and then Press the color ink press button, the ink will be absorbed by the dust-free cloth, and then wipe off the residual ink drops, and repeat this operation several times.

Negative pressure adjustment operation steps

Step ①. Press the blue button (MOOE button) once or twice to display P-1.

Step ②. Set the setting value to the optimal negative pressure value (such as -3.0) by adjusting the up key △ or down key ▽

Step ③. Make sure that the nozzle is not dripping ink or sticking ink, and at the same time ensure that the suction is suitable, so as to adjust to the most suitable negative pressure value.


1. The control mode of this watch is interval comparison mode, and the default interval is 0.1kp. For example, if the negative pressure value is set to -5.0kp, the lower limit interval value is -5.1kp.

2. Since the air circuit, ink circuit, and mechanical structure of each printer are different, please verify the negative pressure setting value several times to achieve the best printing effect of the nozzle.

3. Common digital inkjet machines theoretically require a negative pressure range of -2.8kp~-6.0kp. Try to avoid setting the negative pressure too low or too high to cause ink dripping or ink bleeding or even cause ink to flow back into the negative pressure system.


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