Investment cost estimation of high-speed bottle tumbler printer

Table Of Contents

1. Equipment investment

Industrial high-speed bottle tumbler printers generally cost between US$20,000 and US$30,000. Considering that the initial manufacturer will give away 1-2 sets of consumables, and purchase 2-3 sets of consumables by yourself, it is enough to meet the needs of 2 months of production. In the middle, you need to add the cost of a computer, the price is between 2-4 thousand dollars.

2. Venue rent, raw material cost

According to the size of the site, the geographical location, the rent in different cities is different, generally about 2,000 US dollars – 3,000 US dollars. The cost of raw materials is relatively low, and 300-400 US dollars can be satisfied.

3. Staff salaries and office expenses

This expense is relatively high. Generally, if two months of personnel expenses and office expenses are reserved, 10,000 to 20,000 US dollars is indispensable.

Adding up these three main costs, and counting other miscellaneous costs, it can be concluded that investing in an industrial high-speed bottle tumbler printer requires about 40,000 to 60,000 US dollars to open a store.

Of course, when evaluating the reasonable investment cost of a high-speed bottle tumbler printer, it is also necessary to calculate the profit of the printed product, the approximate local demand, and whether it can be calculated in about 8 months. If possible If so, the investment feasibility is still high. If the added value of the product is very low, and it takes one and a half, two years, etc. to pay back the cost, it is not appropriate to choose a high-speed bottle tumbler printer.

In addition, market competition needs to be considered. If there are already many similar high-speed bottle tumbler printer shops in the local area, then the market competition will be fiercer, and it may take longer to pay back. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the balance between production cost and selling price to ensure that the quality and price of products are competitive in the market.

In addition, for first-time investors, it is also necessary to consider relevant laws and regulations, such as environmental protection requirements, fire protection requirements, safety requirements, etc., to ensure that business activities comply with local regulations and standards, and will not cause any risks to employees and customers.

Based on the above factors, before investing in a high-speed bottle tumbler printer, it is recommended to conduct sufficient market research and formulate a business plan in order to better evaluate the risks and benefits of the investment, so as to make a wise decision.


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