Japan’s Kyocera KYOCERA head introduction

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What are the characteristics of Kyocera KYOCERA heads?

The fastest sprinkler in the world

Japan’s Kyocera KYOCERA print head, when the resolution of the Kyocera print head is 600dpi × 600dpi, the printing speed is as high as 200m/min at 40kHz driving frequency. The company’s original inkjet head prints at a speed of 150m/min at a drive frequency of 30kHz at a resolution of 600dpi x 600dpi. In addition, the printing speed of the developed product is as high as 330m/min (driving frequency is 40kHz) at 600dpi×360dpi resolution, and up to 150m/min (driving frequency is 60kHz) at 1200dpi×1200dpi resolution. the fastest speed in the world”.

The world’s fastest ejection of ink droplets

Kyocera’s print head products can eject ink droplets at a maximum speed of 60,000 times per second (driving frequency of 60 kHz) from one ink nozzle (Ink Nozzle). There are 2656 nozzles in the inkjet head, which can eject about 150 million dots (Dots) per second. In order to increase the speed, the

1) Increase the drive frequency

2) Improved nozzle shape

3) Adjust measures such as waterproof membrane materials.

In terms of increasing the driving frequency, the piezoelectric actuator and the flow path structure have been redesigned. In the nozzle shape, the straightness of the ejection has been improved by improving the accuracy. The specific material of the waterproof material has not been announced, but it is said that the ejection accuracy can be improved according to the change of the material.

At present, it is mainly used in the printing market and the water-based digital printing market.

Kyocera KJ4 series 2656 nozzles 600*600DPI printing width is 108.25mm voltage 26V

KJ4A-GD06AHG-STDC/N: The ignition frequency is 20KHZ, and there are four printing sizes of 6, 7, 11, 14PL ink droplets, and the applicable ink viscosity is 7-8mPa per second.

KJ4B-HD06MHG-STDV: The ignition frequency is 30KHZ, and there are four printing sizes of ink droplets of 5, 7, 12, and 18PL, and the applicable ink viscosity is 5-6mPa per second.

New models introduced in April 2012:

KJ4B-YH06WST-STDV (for water-based ink)

KJ4A-BH06CST-STDC (for UV-curable ink)

KJ4B-Z is a new water-based head with a high resolution of 1200*1200dpi, 80 m/min. It is currently the highest resolution and fast industrial inkjet print head. The ignition frequency reaches 64KHZ and the ink droplet is 5PL.

KJ4B-0300(2C) two-color 300*300dpi, 152m/min, 30KHZ, printing width 112.35mm, water-based ink is suitable for viscosity 5-6cp and UV ink is suitable for viscosity 6-7cp.


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