Motor introduction for high-speed bottle tumbler printer

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The motor is the power source of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer’s X and Y direction motion structure, providing a stable motion state for the machine. The minimum required voltage of this motor is 36v, and the required wattage is a 200w DC motor, equipped with a 200w driver.

The structure of the 400w motor is basically similar to that of the 200w motor, and the 400w motor is controlled by AC and DC. When high-speed movement is required, the AC driver is selected to drive the DC motor. During use, the motor will not stop moving or report an error due to insufficient voltage or torque.

When the motor does not need too high speed, choose a small motor of 200w, which has a certain deceleration function in this process. Since the 200w motor rotates relatively fast, adding a geared motor can increase the service life of the motor.

Usually, a standard high-speed bottle tumbler printer is installed with 3 motors, which are located in three positions of x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis respectively, to provide power support for the operation of the equipment.

Normally, the motor is installed inside the equipment and does not require maintenance. When it is found that the printing process suddenly appears unstable, the car shakes, etc., it may be that there is a problem with the motor, and the equipment needs to be stopped for maintenance.

The motor belongs to the warranty scope of the parts of the high-speed bottle tumbler printer. When there is a failure that cannot be solved, you can contact the manufacturer and replace it with a new one.


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