Precautions for installation of high-speed cylindrical bottle UV printer

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Precautions for installation of high-speed cylindrical bottle UV printer 1:

1.1 Computer configuration requirements:

System: XP or WIN7 32-bit operating system

CPU: 2.5GHZ and above (recommended Core I5)

Memory: 2.00G and above (4G recommended)

Video memory: 512MB and above (recommended independent 1G)

Hard disk: 256GB or more (recommended solid-state 256G hard disk)

1.2 Temperature and humidity:

The optimum temperature is 15℃~25℃, and the optimum humidity is 30%~70%.

1.3 Power requirements:

The power socket must use a socket with a ground wire terminal, and the ground wire should be a cable containing copper and placed in a place not less than 650mm underground. The UV printer and the computer are connected to the same ground wire to prevent the circuit from forming a circulating current and causing interference. The computer power supply should be independent and connected in front to the UV printer power supply. And the interval is more than 3M. In order to avoid the impact of the power grid and the fluctuation of the voltage frequency affecting the operation of the computer system, resulting in a crash. And install a 220V 10A noise filter in front of the power supply to filter out power supply interference.

Note 2 for installation of high-speed cylindrical bottle UV printer:

Do not place the machine in the following locations:

a. Weak surface

b. Sloped place

c. Places where vibration and electromagnetic interference may be caused by other machines

d. Wet or dusty places

e. Ground terminal for telephone or lighting lines


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