Seiko SPT510-35PL head introduction

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Seiko SPT510-35PL head has a head width of 72mm, a physical accuracy of 180DPI, and an ignition frequency of 8.29KHZ. Since its listing in 2005, China’s advertising inkjet printing has entered the era of high precision. Around 2010, it was put into use in UV printer equipment. As an early head in the industry, it was widely used due to its advantages of long life and easy maintenance.

SPT510-35PL head

Superior performance:

Seiko SPT510-35PL head has a head width of 72mm, a physical resolution of 180DPI, and an ink droplet size of 35PL, which can well meet the requirements of the inkjet market for fast speed, high precision, multiple coverages,s, and high color saturation;

Stable inkjet control:

The Seiko SPT510-35PL print head uses an on-demand inkjet, with a built-in ink sac, simple liquid passage, built-in filter, etc., to ensure the continuous and stable inkjet of the head;

Parameter introduction:

Number of heads: 510

head width: 71.8mm

Physical Accuracy: 180DPI

Jet Velocity: 4.2m/s

Ignition frequency: 8.29 kHz

Ink drop size: 35pl

Applicable ink: solvent, UV, and oil-based ink


Although the UV printer industry, belongs to the entry-level series of heads, I want to compare the five generations of Epson heads. Its stability, easy maintenance, and service life of up to 2 and a half years have been used by a large number of users in the advertising industry.


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