Software Introduction of High Speed Cylindrical Bottle Printer

Table Of Contents

Start software

There are two ways to start the DPCS_Printer printing control software, and you can choose one of them according to the specific situation (if you did not check to create a desktop icon during installation, you need to use another startup method):

1. Using the installation package to start the installation method

Step ①. Double-click the DPCS_Printer software icon on the desktop.

Step ②. Click the “Start” menu of the computer, select the “Program” menu item, and find and click “DPCS_Printer”, as shown in the figure:

2. Use the startup method of compressed installation

Open the location of the package, find the application icon, double-click to open, or send it to the desktop and double-click to open.

Know the main interface of the software

The picture below shows the main interface of the software. When you move the mouse over or click the button, the software will be highlighted in egg yellow. For example, the following is a brief overview of the software interface:

Know the main interface of the software

①. Title bar:

Including the software name DPCS G5i Rotary Printer (DPCS G5i Rotation Printer), software version number Huahong Spiral version (Huahong Spiral v1.10d), and software buttons (minimize, maximize and close).

②. Toolbar: 

The toolbar is divided into function module buttons and operation buttons

•functional module:

There are 4 modules in total, namely: Task Select (select file), Print Control (print control), Calibration (calibration), and Setting (setting).

• Action buttons:

There are 11 buttons in total, including functions such as motion control, task printing, and nozzle maintenance. They are: X Reset, Y Reset, Print, Stop, Nozzle Test, Left, Right, Back, Front, Fire (weak flash spray), Flash (strong flash spray)

③. Print setting bar:

Set the printing and material option parameters, you can quickly enter the parameters without confirming and saving. For more information, please refer to [Print Concrol], no more words here.

④. File preview area:

When opening or selecting an image file, you can quickly preview the general content of the image and file information. The following figure is a reference diagram of the corresponding relationship between the image direction of the image preview window and the actual image printing direction when the fixture is loaded:

(1) The direction in which the image is displayed on the software
Figure (2) Schematic diagram of image direction on cylindrical material
Figure (2) Schematic diagram of image direction on cylindrical material

⑤. Print file list:

All the added image files (prn format) are stored in this list, the selected file is displayed in light blue, the selected file is valid for printing, the unselected file is invalid for printing, and clicking the print button is invalid when there is no file in the list. From the list, you can check the print file information, such as file name, image size, printing accuracy (resolution), number of print copies, printing time, and printing progress.

⑥. Status bar:

The status bar is used to display the current status information of the printing system. The software printing operation is a background operation. The problem phenomenon can be observed through the status bar as the basis for problem analysis. For example, display the ink level status of the secondary ink cartridge (0 indicates the high-level status, 1 indicates the low-level status, corresponding to 1W 2K 3C 4M 5Y 6V 7 8 from right to left), rotary X motor encoder feedback, step Y Motor encoder feedback, and other information.

Exit software

If you are not using the printer, you can exit the printing software. The method of exiting the software is the same as that of general printing software. You can close the software by clicking the “Close” button in the upper right corner of the software window, or you can close the software by starting the task manager and ending the task in the application process.


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