UV Printer VS Similar Printers

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With uv printers of the same type of machine, there is a UV printer, so this machine and flatbed printing difference in what? 

First, let us understand the differences between the two machines in several aspects. 

Different costs.

UV machines are expensive, have high maintenance costs, and UV ink prices are much higher than the flatbed printer ink.

The curing method is different.

Flatbed printers are weak solvent ink with the coating, and UV machines using UV ink with UV lamp instant curing 

Printing width is different.

UV machine print width size is generally: 2500 * 1200, 2500 * 2000, 3000 * 2000mm, and several specifications, print width, and flatbed color printing machine generally can not reach such a large width. 

Different speed.

UV machine speed is faster, suitable for high-volume factory production, uv flatbed printer suitable for small batch processing, personalized requirements. 

Precision is different.

UV machine printing accuracy is up to 1440, while the highest precision flatbed color printing machine can reach 576dpi, more suitable for higher requirements of personalized product processing. 

Print media differences.

UV machine because of the UV lamp to high-temperature curing, so printing media printing is not high temperature, can not do blister, high temperature is easy to fall off.


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