What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers in screen printing?

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There is a screen somewhere, and it is clear that there is the trace of it. The screen pattern uses UV printing technology to achieve an ingenious combination of art and fashion that is exciting, and the beauty is hidden in it. It also allows us to appreciate the traditional aesthetic taste, life philosophy, and humanistic sentiments.

The following processes are usually used to create patterns on screens:

1. The pattern weaving process generally uses materials such as Teng and paper rattan;

2. In the inkjet printing process, the material generally used is canvas;

3. UV printing technology does not limit the type of material, it can be wood, cloth, paper rattan, etc.

Screen UV printing renderings:


Advantages of using the UV printing process:

1. The scope of use is wider, and orders for a variety of screen materials can be made;

2. The screen pattern has a new relief 3D effect, which improves the artistic appreciation;

3. Save cost, with a height of 1.8 meters and a width of 50 cm (pack of 6 pieces), the printing cost is US$10.

Equipment suitable for screen UV printing:

1. In terms of format, the height of the screen is generally more than 1.5m and the width is more than 40cm. The recommended model is 2513 uv printer or 2533 uv printer. If it is too small, it cannot be printed on;

2. In terms of nozzle selection, the artistic appreciation of the screen is very demanding. It is recommended to choose a nozzle with high precision, such as the Ricoh G6 head so that the printed patterns will be more delicate and lifelike.

Overall, the competition in the screen printing and processing market is not great. If the added value can be doubled, it is still possible. However, screen production is relatively complicated. If you do it individually, it is recommended to cooperate with a screen factory to do matching pattern processing. If you are a screen manufacturer, you can use UV printing technology to increase added value.


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