What are the misunderstandings about the origin of UV printer heads?

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The piezoelectric heads used in UV printers are produced in Japan, the United Kingdom, and other places, such as Japan’s Epson heads, Seiko heads, Konica heads, Ricoh heads, and Kyocera heads; British Xaar heads; American Polaris heads… About There are four misunderstandings about sprinklers:

Misunderstanding about the origin of heads 1

So far, there is no technical capability to produce UV printer heads in China, and the heads used are all imported. Larger manufacturers will get the heads directly from the original factory, while small manufacturers will get the heads from agents; so when you encounter some salesmen who say that the heads are made by their own company, they are all scammers.

Misunderstanding about the origin of heads 2

Not having the ability to develop and produce printheads does not mean that there is no ability to develop supporting printhead board control systems. Of course, this ability is mainly concentrated in a few companies. Many of them just take the motherboards from these companies slightly modify them and then promote their own research and development.

Misunderstanding about the origin of heads 3

The head is just a component. When it is used in a UV printer, it is called a UV printer head. When it is used in an inkjet printer, it is called an inkjet printer head… When you see some manufacturers producing Seiko head UV printers, Ricoh head UV printers, etc., it just shows that their type of head configured on the equipment does not mean that the other party has the ability to produce heads.

Misunderstanding 4 about the origin of heads

There are two types of head sales: open type and non-open type. The open type means that this type of head has been released for sale in the domestic market, and anyone can buy it, such as Epson heads, Ricoh heads, etc. The threshold is low and most are small and medium-sized enterprises. The price of heads changes greatly, and it is easy for middlemen to hoard and speculate on heads…

Non-open heads refer to Seiko heads, Toshiba heads, etc. These generally have signed agreements with the original manufacturers and have stable supply channels and stable market prices, but they also restrict the manufacturers to only develop and produce equipment of this type of head. The threshold is high and the number of manufacturers is small.

What needs to be noted is that if a company has UV printers of all head types, it does not mean that it has strong technical strength and large scale, etc. It is to a large extent just an OEM middleman, so you need to choose carefully.


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