What are the precautions for the disassembly of the uv printer head?

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The print head of a flatbed printer is the most important part and the most prone to problems. If the print head fails, it needs to be cleaned and maintained in daily work, which will involve the disassembly and assembly of the print head, but don’t be reckless when disassembling the print head, which will damage the print head. Here, the Micolorprint printer will tell you some issues that need to be paid attention to when disassembling and assembling the print head.

1. Don’t bump

Since the surface of the printhead of the uv flatbed printer is made of aluminum, and the inner layer is coated with small ink tubes and crystal oscillators, it is very fragile and cannot be bumped. It’s broken and needs a new one.

2. Power off the machine first

Note also when installing the print head of a flatbed printer, be sure to turn off the power of the machine first, and then install the print head. After the installation is completed, gently push the trolley to move left and right by hand to check whether the trolley runs smoothly, and then start the machine after powering on. Be sure to pay attention not to power on the trolley immediately after the installation is completed, because if the head is not in place, if the trolley moves, it will smash the head, and the human hand can feel it, it can be retracted and put away freely, and the controllability is relatively high. Strong, so you need to test it by hand first.

3. The cable of the head cannot carry ink

When unplugging and inserting the cable of the print head of the UV flatbed printer, it must not carry ink. Make sure that the cable is in good contact with the socket and does not touch the feet. Otherwise, the print head may be short-circuited and burned.


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