What are the types and characteristics of Konica heads in Japan?

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Japan’s Konica Konica head, its company first focused on video and was involved in the production of piezoelectric heads. It has also been successful in hardware facilities. It entered the country earlier and is a mature head.

There are three main types of KM 512 print heads: (UV, solvent, oil-based ink, and water-based ink can be used) The printing width is 36mm

1. The ignition frequency of KM 512 LN (LH) 42PL is 7.60KHZ


2. KM 512 MN (MH) 14PL ignition frequency is 12.8KHZ

3. KM 512SN (SH) 4PL ignition frequency is 23.0KHZ

KM512 water-based head:

KM512i MAB 14PL ignition frequency 20KHZ

KM 512 LAX 30PL

KM512 MAX 14PL

KM1024i MAE is the upgrade head of KM512i

There are two main types of heads for KM 256: a printing width of 36mm

KM 256LN 42PL Ink drop size 42PL

KM 256MN 14PL drop size 14PL

The main heads of KM 1024 are: (grayscale 8 levels) printing width 72mm

KM 1024MNB/14PL Droplet size 14PL for solvent and oil-based inks

KM1024SHB/6PL Ink drop size 6PL applied UV ink

KM 1024MHB/14PL Ink drop size 14PL applied UV ink

KM 1024LHB/42PL Ink drop size 42PL applied UV ink

KM 1024i MHE 14PL four rows of 256 Nozzles, ink droplet size 14PL, ignition frequency 35KHZ. For high-speed industrial printing, single printing, 75m/min, 360dpi, and 3-level grayscale, the launch of this head is mainly used in industrial variable data codes, textile printing, ceramic inkjet printing, and other emerging industries such as rapid industrialization.

KM1024i LHE 30-210PL, suitable for glaze in the ceramic industry. Similar to the function of dimatix SG1024LC.

KM1800i printhead: new high-speed printing inkjet head

1776 Nozzles, printing width of 75mm, high density of 600npi, maximum ignition frequency of 84KHZ, 8-level grayscale, 3.5PL ink droplets, compatible with UV ink, this inkjet printhead is a competitor of the same level as xaar1001, Kyocera KJ4 printhead, At present, the Truepress Jet L350UV label printing machine of the Japanese screen company has adopted this print head.

KM 216 DPN/15PL Ink drop size 14PL Printing width 36mm

KM 206 DPN/6.5PL Ink drop size 6.5PL Printing width 36mm

KM128SNG-MB, the new head

In fact, it is an upgraded version of KM206/216DPN. The ink droplet is only 1PL, the printing width is 38mm, 128 Nozzles, the Nozzle spacing is 300um, the ignition frequency is 15KHZ, and the applicable ink viscosity is 1-5mPa per second. It is used for the first time in the Nozzle plate processing. Silicon MEMS technology. The application targets of the new head are the circuit (Patterning) of organic EL displays, thin film coating of organic EL lighting, and new products such as display screens for smartphones that require high definition.

Features of Konica Sprinklers:

1. The head is a double-row ink inlet tube with uniform flow and pressure. Guaranteed print quality. Some brands are single row.

2.512 Konica head is a fully enclosed head, waterproof and anti-aging. Some brands of sprinklers are semi-naked or exposed.


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