What is the function of the small uv flatbed printer?

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Small UV Flatbed Printer VS Large UV Flatbed Printer

The difference between a small UV flatbed printer and a large UV flatbed printer is that it is a machine with a small footprint and a small area of ​​printing materials. The performance of the two is the same, both can print colorful patterns on the surface of any flat surface soft and hard materials, and realize the environmentally friendly printing process of high-precision multi-color, instant spraying, and drying. One person can operate it, the production process is simple, and the delivery is fast. Printing materials are not limited by any material, such as; (tiles, glass, metal, crystal, wood, leather, plastic, acrylic, PVC, and other materials that can be printed on it.

Optional printing heads:

1. Epson head;

2. Konica head;

3. Ricoh head;

Because the three heads are different, the effect of spraying is also different.

First, let’s talk about Epson nozzles:

        The highlight of the Epson print head is that it adopts an advanced internal ink channel ink supply method, which enables the print head to discharge ink smoothly during high-speed printing. The printing effect will not be deformed by heat and pressure, and it is very safe.

Next, is the Konica nozzle:

       The highlight of the Konica printhead is that it can be equipped with 8 combinations of CMYK, LC, LM, white, varnish, etc. It can be equipped with a Y-axis control scheme of the double-grinding precision screw so that the stepping accuracy can reach 0.02mm.

Finally, the Ricoh nozzle:

       The highlight of the Ricoh nozzle is that it can be divided into single and double rows of inkjet, and the variable single and double rows can also print quickly and slowly. It can print at high speed with a high precision of 600*2400dpi in 6-8 colors, with a realistic printing effect and bright colors.

       A friendly reminder from Micolorprint; the printing speed and color of different brands of nozzles will be different. The key is what medium you are printing on, so you can choose a suitable UV flatbed printer.


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