What is the principle of conversion from ordinary printers to flatbed printers?

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1. What is the principle of conversion from ordinary printers to flatbed printers?

The modification principle is to lead out the drive signal of the paper pickup motor of the printer, use the power amplifier to drive the stepper motor of the uv flatbed printer, and then move the working platform through this motor. In fact, the paper pickup motor is changed to a Y-axis motor. At this time, the paper pickup mechanism is basically useless. The sensor that senses the distance between the flatbed printer and the printer is the sensor of the original printer that is used directly. It can be replaced by a proximity switch to make the installation position more reasonable.

The most complex modification is realized by the single-chip microcomputer, such as the flat-panel UV printer can be printed directly, the printer can be controlled offline and online with the computer, the Y-axis motor can be controlled to work alone, the platform or the printer nozzle can be moved independently, and so on. These are more suitable for use in debug mode.

2. What is the accuracy of the conversion from an ordinary printer to a flatbed printer?

There are two aspects to the modification accuracy, one is the X-axis part of the left and right movement of the nozzle, the other is the Y-axis part of the front and rear, and the other is the Z-axis part that controls the height of the nozzle.

1) X-axis part.

Flatbed printers rely on gratings for position feedback with high precision.

2) Y-axis part.

This part is controlled by the stepper motor. Since the stepper motor has a relatively high angular accuracy for each step, and the error does not accumulate, the accuracy is also guaranteed.

3) Z-axis part.

The problem of the up and down movement of the platform. Some companies do not have sensors in this part and rely entirely on visual inspection, which makes it difficult to ensure accuracy. The sensor is installed on the Z-axis of the Micolorprint printer, so you can use it with confidence.

3. There are two ways to convert ordinary printers to flatbed printers.

1) The printer is fixed and the working platform moves.

In this way, since the platform extends to both ends of the machine, the disadvantage is that the machine occupies a large area. For the smaller A4 machine, it is more suitable for the platform to move.

2) The printer moves and the working platform is fixed.

This method is generally used on larger flatbed printers, and printer movement can save space better.


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