What should I do if the high-speed cylindrical tumbler printer is not used for a long time?

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It is inevitable that the high-speed cylindrical tumbler printer will not be used for a long time, especially during the Spring Festival holiday, which can be as short as 10 days or 8 days, or as long as 20 days. Printing companies will not start work for a month. During this period If the high-speed cylindrical tumbler printer is not systematically maintained, it will bring very serious consequences.

1. Scrapping of head

For a long time (greater than 5 days), if the head is not pressed or moisturized, the residual uv ink inside the head will solidify and dry, which will directly lead to the blockage of the head hole. Under this kind of damage, it is useless to clean the head again, and it needs to be replaced again.

2. The ink system is blocked

If the UV ink in the ink tube, secondary ink cartridge, and large ink cartridge is not used for a long time, it will inevitably lead to precipitation and condensation. If it is used again, the whole set needs to be replaced with a new one.

So, what should you do if you don’t use it for a long time? There are two common solutions.

A. Disassemble the head

After disassembling the head from the equipment, clean the UV ink inside the head with a cleaning solution, then dip the non-woven cloth in the cleaning solution, wrap the bottom of the head, wrap it with plastic wrap for more than 10 laps, and put it in the cabinet. Remember not to place it in a place exposed to sunlight or in a humid place.

B. Disassemble the ink tube

Disassemble the ink tube and throw it away directly. Clean the secondary ink cartridge, pump out the uv ink stored in the large ink cartridge, and put it back into the UV ink bottle.

In addition to the above methods, it is also necessary to cover the surface of the high-speed cylindrical tumbler printer equipment with a layer of cloth to avoid the accumulation of dust for a long time, causing rust and wear on the screw, guide rail, and other parts. You can clean the core parts in advance and wipe off the lubricating oil.

When the holiday is over, if the head and ink system are reinstalled, the high-speed cylindrical tumbler printer can be used normally.


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