What should I do if the small uv flatbed printer appears oblique inkjet?

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When the small uv flatbed printer was just bought back, the printing effect was very good. According to the accuracy of the current flatbed printer, it can basically print photo-level effects. After the continuous upgrade of the market, Epson xp600 and Ricoh G5 printheads have basically become the standard printheads of UV flatbed printer manufacturers. Except for a few manufacturers that make Seiko printheads, they basically use this printhead. Its main advantage is accuracy. High, so basically no ink dots can be seen in the printed things. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no problem with the large-scale wedding photography photos of the printer.

The above situation is a very good state of printing effect. We all know that with the passage of time, the performance of the machine will be a little weaker than the initial one, such as the previous photo-level effect, and now there will be traces of printing. The root cause of this situation is that the performance of the printhead is not good, the printhead has slanted spray or broken needles. We all know that a printhead is not cheap now. For example, the current Ricoh G5 printhead price is more than 3,000 US dollars. If it is broken It would be quite distressing, although I don’t want this to happen, once it happens, I can’t be sloppy and must deal with it in time.

When there is an oblique inkjet, the following methods can be used for cleaning:

1: Conventional cleaning method

The process by positive pressure cleaning ink and wiping head.

2: Simple cleaning method

Use a special cleaning liquid nozzle to clean the blocked or oblique sprayed nozzles. It is best to use the cleaning liquid cleaning function that is standard on the machine. If not, you can manually inject cleaning through a syringe, and the intensity should be controlled within 50KPA.

3: Moderate cleaning method

Use the second-step simple cleaning method to clean the nozzle, and then stick the non-woven fabric stained with the cleaning solution on the surface of the nozzle and leave it for 12-24 hours.

4: Deep cleaning method

Use the second-step simple cleaning method to clean the nozzle and clean the surface of the nozzle, and then slightly back-pump through the syringe, repeat several times until the cleaning solution is injected until all nozzle holes are sprayed normally.


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