2 tips to restore the clogged printhead of the flatbed printer to normal

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Why is the head clogged?

As more and more people begin to understand the product of flatbed printers, UV printers are becoming more and more ubiquitous. While enjoying the convenience brought to us by flatbed printers, we also occasionally encounter problems such as color printing distortion and blurred handwriting printing on flatbed printers. When this kind of failure occurs, most of the print heads of the flatbed printer are blocked by ink. For example, when the uv printer is placed for a long time without being used, the ink at the print head will condense into particles due to weathering or water evaporation. , or because the printer has mixed several inks of different properties at different times, and the ink is mixed due to a chemical reaction, it is also easy to cause the print head to be blocked. Obviously, if the print head of the flatbed printer is blocked, the printer will often not be able to perform normal printing operations; then in the face of the blockage of the print head, how can we restore the blocked print head to normal? Next, this article will contribute two coupes for printing users to help you efficiently eliminate the blockage of the print nozzles and quickly restore the working state of the uv printer to normal!

Do it yourself, let the clogged head return to normal

When we find that the content printed by the flatbed printer has broken lines or white streaks, and there is still a lot of remaining ink in the printer cartridge, we must use manual cleaning to remove the ink particles that are blocked at the nozzle. When cleaning the blocked ink nozzles by hand, we first need to carefully take out the nozzles installed in the frame, and carefully observe whether the metal plate at the bottom of the head is damaged or not. The metal plate at the bottom of the head is the location of the nozzle. ; Then find a plastic business card box container and pour no more than 0.3CM special ink head cleaning agent into it, soak it for about 20 minutes, here we need to remind you that we can only remove the metal plate at the bottom of the ink cartridge Part of it is immersed in the cleaning solution, and the entire head must not be immersed in the solvent; when the soaking time exceeds 20 minutes, we may finally perform the operation of printing a test page to see if the printing head can work normally at this time.

In the actual use of UV printers, many printing users often take out the ink cartridges from the printer cartridge case frequently, which can easily cause serious blockage of the printing nozzles, and even some of the ink inside the ink cartridges can dry up. , the printer will generally fail to print at this time. When encountering such a phenomenon that the head is seriously blocked, we must prepare a special cleaning agent and a plastic medical syringe, and then use a hose to connect the ink supply port of the printing nozzle, and then place the head of the printing head into the cleaning solution. , and then suck the cleaning liquid into the medical syringe through the printing nozzle, and repeat the ink suction operation several times to clean the blocked ink in the nozzle.

Tips: In order to reduce the number of times that the print head is blocked, we try not to change the ink model frequently, so as not to cause harm to the print head.

Use external force to restore the blocked head to normal

If we find that the content printed by the flat-panel uv printer is only dull ink traces, and other printing operations are normal, it means that the phenomenon that the nozzles of the ink cartridges are blocked is not very serious. You can use the built-in head cleaning program of the uv flatbed printer to restore the blocked nozzles to normal. Generally speaking, most models of flatbed uv printers have a built-in special head cleaning program.

Click the “Start”/”Settings”/”Printers and Faxes” command, open the icon of the target tablet printer, execute the “Properties” command from the pop-up shortcut menu, click the “Maintenance” tab, and enter the “Cleaning” tab on the page. ” button, the uv printer will automatically perform the head cleaning operation. When the cleaning operation performs the printing test page operation, if the head cleaning is effective, the printed test page should look clearer; if the head cleaning operation is performed after, When the printed handwriting is still not very clear, we may wish to re-clean the operation, I believe that the blocked printing head will be able to return to normal working condition.

When using the built-in cleaning function of the printer driver of the uv machine to clean the print nozzle, its main advantage is that the operation is convenient and fast, but the effect of cleaning the blocked head is often unsatisfactory. Of course, after cleaning the print head, if we find that the output quality of the UV printer is not as good as before, we can continue to click the “Print Head Calibration” button on the maintenance page of the map, and then follow the instructions in the wizard window to complete the print head calibration operation. The output quality of the print head will be significantly improved.

Tips: When cleaning the printheads of flatbed printers, try to use the software-controlled printhead cleaning program for cleaning operations instead of manual cleaning. Especially when replacing a new ink cartridge or injecting new ink, be sure to remember to clean the nozzles in time to avoid ink coagulation caused by mixed-use of several different types of ink. In addition, if the ink marks become lighter, streaks, etc. are found on the printed page during the printing process, the nozzles should also be cleaned in time. If the program cleaning fails, it means that the head blockage is serious. This situation is generally caused by the fact that the flatbed printer has not been used for a long time or that there is a sudden power failure during use, and the printing head has not been reset in time. At this time, we can try to use an ordinary syringe to face the print head of the printer, and then keep pushing and pulling the piston of the syringe, so as to use the high-speed airflow to clean the blocked print head.


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