How about the StarFire printhead? Is it useful?

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Most of the printheads on the market are the core components of inkjet UV printers, which are consumables in the traditional sense. Nozzle and panel scratches are inevitable. Usually, in these cases, the user has to replace the entire nozzle. Such nozzles are Epson, Seiko, Toshiba, Polaris, Konica, etc. The latest StarFire 1024 print nozzle is repairable, completely saying goodbye to the history of “blocking one nozzle and replacing the entire nozzle”.

What are the benefits of StarFire?

StarFire 1024 nozzle is the first repairable nozzle. Each part (nozzle panel and each nozzle sheet, etc.) of the StarFire nozzle can be disassembled, cleaned, repaired, replaced, and re-positioned precisely, which greatly reduces the purchase of users. machine cost and long-term use cost. At the same time, the StarFire 1024 printhead has multiple precise calibration positioning points inside and outside, which is accurate and easy to disassemble and install, reducing the setup and calibration costs when the printhead is repaired.

StarFire Internal Circulation Technology

StarFire 1024 printhead adopts RediJet internal circulation technology, through continuous ink circulation flow inside the printhead and the ink chamber of the nozzle panel, to prolong working time, reduce downtime, and reduce equipment startup time, especially suitable for high-concentration ink, easy to deposit Ink and fast-drying ink applications. We know that in the inkjet production process, it is easy to have ink plugs or disconnections, and operators have to suspend production for ink pressure maintenance. StarFire 1024 print head RediJet internal circulation technology achieves the fastest and most convenient ink filling with the lowest ink loss, can achieve 16 hours of long standby, completely eliminate the phenomenon of ink sedimentation and clogging, completely eliminate the phenomenon of air bubbles interfering with printing, and completely liberate the workload of printing operators, and since then, make printing extremely easy.

StarFire nozzles for superior inkjet performance

The StarFire 1024 printhead has a high-density arrangement of nozzles with excellent inkjet performance on the basis of the single-nozzle panel structure, which makes it have a stable and reliable inkjet printing effect and long service life. Each StarFire 1024 nozzle has 1024 independently controlled nozzle channels, which are arranged in parallel on a single nozzle panel in 8 rows, with a physical resolution of up to 400dpi, and all 1024 nozzles can drive inkjet independently or simultaneously. ink. In terms of production line speed, the ink output per unit time of the StarFire 1024 is more than twice that of similar products, which is equivalent to more than quadrupling the production speed.


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