How to use the uv flatbed printer correctly?

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Whether it is an ordinary printer or a uv flatbed printer, it is always a little “squeamish” in front of ordinary operators. During the operation, if you don’t pay attention, there may be some kind of failure problem, which is for us to use the flatbed printer efficiently. brought a lot of trouble. As long as we pay attention to some details, we can resolve the troubles caused by printing failures; in addition, proper mastering of some operations can also greatly improve the printing effect and work efficiency.

The device is off when unplugged

Before the flatbed printer is not used or moved, it is necessary to permanently power off the printer. First, turn off the power of the uv printer (if the power is on), reset the nozzle and cover the ink tank, and then unplug the power cord and signal line. Prevent ink from volatilizing, and it is not easy to damage the nozzle when moving.

Placing the printer on a horizontal table

Due to the working mode of the flatbed printer itself, the place where the printer is placed must be on a horizontal plane. Tilt operation will not only affect the printing effect, and slow down the working speed of the nozzle, but also damage the internal mechanical structure. Do not place the flatbed printer on the ground, especially on carpeted ground, as foreign objects or dust can easily fly into the machine.

Timely cleaning

The exterior and interior of the uv printer should be cleaned regularly. Don’t wait until a thick layer of dust accumulates and a problem occurs to remedy it. The outside of the flatbed printer can be wiped with a soft cloth with damp water. The cleaning liquid must be a neutral substance such as water, and alcohol must not be used. Wipe the inside with a dry cloth as much as possible, and do not touch the internal electronic components, mechanical devices, etc.

Avoid heavy pressure on the uv printer

Some people often place other objects on the flatbed printer, which may crush the uv printer casing, and some small things will fall into the printer. Of course, beverages and teacups are prohibited items.

Timely maintenance

If the flat uv printer always does not ink when it is working, even using the program that comes with the printer to clean the print head is ineffective. This phenomenon is most likely because the printer nozzle or nozzle is blocked. Of course, the printing cable cannot be ruled out. There is a problem with the cable or even the circuit board inside the printer. If it is the fault of the printing nozzle or the nozzle hole, and the random cleaning procedure cannot make it work officially, the author suggests that you should not do it yourself, disassemble and repair it at will, otherwise, the printing effect of the printer will be seriously affected. Influence, the correct way is to contact the factory’s sales in time and ask the technicians to ask professional technicians to repair.

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