Master Micolorprint teaches you how to identify second-hand flatbed printers?

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Shenzhen Micolorprint has always had a good reputation in the industry for producing high-quality uv flatbed printers! However, we often hear customers cry about accidentally buying second-hand flatbed printers from unscrupulous merchants. Shenzhen Micolorprint always believes that the development of enterprises does not depend on deceiving customers and selling inferior quality. Shenzhen Micolorprint is here to teach customers how to identify second-hand UV printers.

When buying flatbed printers, the most common ways to identify second-hand uv printers.

1. First, check whether the head has any traces of use.

2. You can see if there is ink next to the ink tube, ink path, and print head to distinguish whether the print head has been used.

3. The printing effect of the new head is worse than that of the used head at the beginning, because the effect of the head will get better and better after using it for a period of time. So when the two heads are compared together, you can pay attention.

4. For other identification methods, please refer to EPSON’s official website for identification methods.

At the same time, Micolorprint asks customers who purchase UV flatbed printers how to identify second-hand UV printers:

1. The easiest way is to look at the newness of the machine head parts.

2. Check whether the code on the main board of the flatbed printer is consistent with the code on the print head. The new machine is absolutely consistent.


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