Ricoh Head Model Introduction

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Japan Ricoh (formerly Hitachi HITACHI) print head, Ricoh acquired Hitachi’s print head technology research and development department, Hitachi originally had two good print heads, HITACHI 256 I and HITACHI 256 II.

ricoh head

Ricoh head models currently on the market:

GEN4L series grayscale printheads, with 384 nozzles, mainly have five models, which are used by Japanese companies to print on nano-silver circuit boards.

Gen5 /7-35PL, 1280 nozzles, 8-level grayscale, ignition frequency: 60KHZ, suitable for water-based, solvent, oil-based, uv ink

Gen4L/15PL ignition frequency: 30KHZ

Gen4L/27PL ignition frequency: 30KHZ

Gen4 series grayscale print head 384 nozzles mainly include:

Gen4/7PL ignition frequency: 30KHZ

Gen3 E3 series: 192 nozzles The main models are

Gen3 E3/15PL

Gen3 E3/30PL

Gen3 E3/45PL

Gen3 E1 series: 92 nozzles, ignition frequency 30KHZ

Gen3 E1/30PL

Gen3 E1/65PL


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