What are the cleaning methods when the uv printer head is seriously defaced?

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Due to the small heads, the heads of flatbed printers are easily blocked and stained. Once the heads are seriously stained, the uv printer will not work properly, wasting precious time. Moreover, the price of the flatbed printer head is very high. If it is replaced, it will cause a lot of waste. Therefore, only the seriously damaged head can be repaired and cleaned.

To do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools, so before you start cleaning the flatbed printer head, you need to prepare the tools you will use in the repair project: a screwdriver, a syringe, alcohol, and a thin hose.

First step:

Turn off the power to ensure safety, then use a screwdriver to remove the cover on the head of the flatbed printer, unplug the wire plug connected to the print head in time, take out the print head, and then press a small shrapnel above the print head to the ink cartridge and a piece on the right side of the print head. A small metal shrapnel was removed.


Suck a syringe full of alcohol, connect the thin tube to the outlet of the syringe, squeeze out the alcohol, clean the tube and syringe, repeat the operation more than 3 times to ensure that the tube and syringe are clean. Then fill a syringe with alcohol, connect the thin hose, connect the other end of the thin hose to the ink suction port of the print head, and check whether the two ends are firm to ensure that they will not fall off during the cleaning process. Then slowly and continuously squeeze the alcohol into the ink suction port, and clean the inside of the head several times to ensure that each head has alcohol flowing out, and repeat the operation until the outflowing alcohol is clear and free of impurities.


After simple cleaning, install the uv printer head back to the flatbed printer head, turn it on normally, run the built-in cleaning software, and automatically clean the head.

In fact, as long as we pay attention to the daily maintenance and cleaning of the head when using the flatbed printer for daily production, the service life of the flatbed printer head can be greatly extended. If you wait until the print head is seriously damaged and then carry out maintenance and cleaning operations, although it can be restored to normal use, it will still cause certain damage to the print head of the flatbed printer, reducing the original durability. It will cause more damage to the head, or even damage it.


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