What are the factors that affect the printing effect of the universal uv flatbed printer? Worth a look here

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With the continuous improvement of printing quality, people’s requirements for precision are getting higher and higher, and a realistic picture will make people feel immersive and comfortable, but due to some subjective and considerable factors, the universal uv flatbed printer will print out The effect of the uv flatbed printer may deviate a bit from the actual pattern, which may have been common ten years ago, but the effect of today’s uv flatbed printers is comparable to that of photos, but still many people do not know why sometimes the printed effect is not. As expected! What factors are affecting the printing effect?

1: Universal uv flatbed printer color management

Many people are not good at color matching, so the printing effect is not ideal. Just like a digital camera, in different shooting environments, because the user does not use the white balance adjustment function, the photos taken are often color cast or dark, which requires us to adjust through the color matching software. The most common software is ps, so color management is very important to the printing effect.

2: The problem of the clarity of the photo itself

Now, if the photos taken a few years ago are washed out, the clarity is not enough, because the photos taken by the mobile phone a few years ago are not clear enough. For the same reason, if you want the finished product of the universal uv printer to have a good effect, the first guarantee is to have a clear image. For pictures, because the higher the pixels of the picture itself, the better the printed effect will be. On the contrary, low-quality pictures cannot achieve high-quality results even if they are retouched.

3: The technique of the operator

You are very satisfied with the results you see when you take samples from the manufacturer, but once you buy the machine back, you find that the results are not satisfactory. Is it because the machine from the factory is different from the machine in the factory? It’s not the reason. The machines are the same machine, but the operator is different, the effect will be different, so you can participate in the training and technical guidance provided by the manufacturer when purchasing the machine, so that you can print high-precision finished products.

4: Universal UV printer coating problem

Good quality universal UV printer has few coatings, it not only has good adsorption, but also can make objects brighter, and the coating has the following advantages, printing metal, glass, ceramic tiles, and other materials without any baking measures, that is, printing Immediately dry; in addition, whether the coating is uniform will also affect the printing effect. On some materials, a special coating is required to better print the pattern on the surface of the material.

5: UV flatbed printer ink problem

Today’s market is a mixed bag, full of all kinds of fake and shoddy products. In order to save costs, many people buy cheap ink, and finally, find that the color of the printed product is blunt and has serious color fading. What’s more serious is that the long-term use of this inferior ink will corrode the print head. At that time, because the print head of more than 100 yuan is damaged, it will be regretted. Therefore, it is best to use the manufacturer’s original ink, which is conducive to prolonging the machine’s life. service life.

If the above points are in place, using today’s flatbed printers, the effect of the finished product is absolutely the same as the photo, and there will not be too many deviations.


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