What are the precautions for purchasing a uv flatbed printer?

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UV flatbed printer, also known as a flatbed printer, is a device that can perform color photo-level printing on the surfaces of wood, glass, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, cloth, and other textiles. It is versatile because it is not limited by materials. Whether it is a simple pattern, a full-color pattern, or a pattern with excessive color, it can be printed at one time, and there is no need for plate making and printing, no ink adjustment, simple process, and operation. Convenience, then what should be paid attention to when buying a universal printer, let’s take a look at it together.

1: Confirm the printing effect of the universal printer

In order to obtain a good printing effect, the precision of the universal printer is required to be high, and there will be no horizontal bars or ghosting during the operation. At the same time, it also requires a good degree of color reproduction. The original image effect is the same, which is ideal.

2: Confirm the stability of the uv flatbed printer

Before purchasing, be sure to check with the manufacturer to confirm whether the universal printer can continuously and stably print high-quality products. A printer with good stability will not have ink breakage and position deviation during printing, such as Micolorprint. High-quality flatbed printer with stable performance.

3: Confirm the width of the uv flatbed printer

The width of the uv flatbed printer determines the printed product specifications to a certain extent. Therefore, when purchasing a universal printer, if the budget is sufficient, choose a large-format universal printer as much as possible, because the format is large, there are few restricted materials, and it can be mass-produced.

4: The most important point of after-sales service

A classic vocabulary handed down through the ages, cheap is not good, and good is not cheap. Many people accidentally bought refurbished machines or machines without after-sales for a while at the beginning. They got a bloody lesson when buying UV flatbed printers I suffered a big loss when I was in the market because this kind of machine has many failures and no after-sales service. It is a pity to abandon it, but it is useless. The money that keeps spending money on repairs can buy a brand new machine, so warm reminder, Remember to pick up the sesame and lose the watermelon.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a manufacturer when purchasing a machine. A high-quality universal printer launched by a good manufacturer is enough to bring you more valuable profits. For example, Micolorprint, which is loved by all walks of life, is a company focusing on A high-tech enterprise that develops digital printing equipment, has a complete R&D team, pre-sales team, and after-sales team, and will provide you with special training after you purchase it. No worries.


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