What are the uses of UV dtf film in daily life?

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What is UV dtf film?

The appearance of UV dtf film is as crystal clear as crystal, hence the name, also called crystal sticker.

UV dtf film can be presented transparently where there is no ink coverage, and it has a unique visual effect when attached to the transparent bottle, which can effectively enhance the intrinsic value of the product. It integrates high technology, excellent performance, and artistic taste, and is widely used in alcohol, cosmetics, and other product labels. UV dtf film adopts UV printing, which has excellent physical and chemical properties such as water resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, sunlight resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. Adhesive label material.

What are the uses of uv dtf film in life?

First, it can be used for brand promotion.

No matter what you want to give, water bottles, water cups, tea cans, mice, gift boxes, notebooks, etc., wherever you need to paste it, as long as you paste the company’s VI logo, it is a live advertisement, both gifts and publicity are correct, and the high-end atmosphere is full of face. !

Second, it can be used for personalization and customized unique limited editions.

It can be used in weddings, conferences, exhibitions, and competitions. The crystal label has the characteristics of waterproof, light resistance, and wear resistance that ordinary self-adhesives do not have. It can be pasted on a smooth surface and can be torn off after the event, with low cost and convenient operation. The conference is affixed with an exclusive conference armband crystal logo, which is obviously easy to distinguish. There is also a careful use for gifts and weddings. Of course, gifts for girlfriends must be full of uniqueness and uniqueness. The exclusive UV dtf film is attached to give a sense of ceremony. Full more points.

Third, it is used for temporary marking reminders.

If you need a temporary safety reminder or a warm reminder, you only need a UV dtf film to stick it and tear it off. It is more beautiful and elegant than paper stickers.

At present, the well-known UV dtf film is mainly used in wine, cosmetics packaging, and other industries, but there are more applications that have not been discovered. With the further promotion of UV dtf film, the application of UV dtf film will cover all walks of life. various uses in the industry.

Advantages of UV dtf film stickers:

1. The surface has a strong three-dimensional gloss and a beautiful appearance, which can effectively improve the overall appearance and added value of the pasted items;

2. Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, and sunscreen, the longer the paste, the stronger the adhesion, and the edges will not fall off;

3. It is convenient and quick to use, and it can be easily transferred by one sticking and one tearing without the aid of any equipment and tools;

4. The transferable material is rich, acrylic plate, PVC plate, KT plate, steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, glass, marble, and other materials can be transferred

5. Wide range of applications, suitable for all walks of life;

6. There is no limit to the MOQ, and one can print, effectively reducing the cost of personalized customization

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