What should be paid attention to when inspecting UV flatbed printer proofing?

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When buying UV flatbed printers, many people will choose to go to the factory for on-the-spot inspection. It will be more reliable to see the proofing effect with their own eyes, but many things still need to be compared to know. To see which one is more in line with your own standards, you can mainly consider the following three points. This is the summed-up experience of Micolorprint proofing engineers for more than ten years, and I hope to help you buy a satisfactory machine.

The first is to compare the original image.

Check whether the printed effect is consistent with the original image, pay attention to whether the color of the pattern has deviated, the texture is not clear, and whether the lines in the original image can be well displayed in the sample. It is worth noting that when comparing the original image with the sample, you should also pay attention to whether the color of the computer screen itself is normal.

The second is accuracy.

You can ask the manufacturer to print a cross and print it several times at the same position to see if there is ghosting or offset. A good UV flatbed printer can print patterns without deviation or with little deviation. If your product requires comparison Accuracy, then you can focus on it.

Finally, there is the operational aspect.

A good UV flatbed printer has an automatic height measurement function, which replaces the history of using the naked eye to judge height in the past, which saves time and effort, and the computer judgment is more accurate than the human brain. Nozzle anti-collision function. Nozzle anti-collision automatically stops working when the print head of the printer is about to contact the printing material to prevent the print head from colliding with the material.


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