Which part of the uv flatbed printer is most prone to problems?

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There are many important parts of the uv printer, the most important part is the head, and the most prone to problems is the head.

What is the most likely problem with the flatbed printer head?

UV printer heads are most prone to clogging problems. There are three key reasons for head blockage:

1. Ink problem.

Due to the ink itself or the long-term placement of the ink, the fluidity of the ink is not good, and it may intermittently or accumulate at the head during printing, causing the head to be blocked.

2. Improper human operation.

Improper manual cleaning can cause the head to be blocked or damaged.

3. Long-term printing monochrome.

Due to the long-term printing of monochrome, other color channels are not used, which will cause blockage over time.

What is the key reason? Which type of flatbed printer is most prone to this problem?

Usually, Epson flatbed printers have the most such problems as UV printers. There are two reasons for this phenomenon:

1. In order to compete for customer resources, unscrupulous merchants reduce the configuration of the machine.

Because flatbed printers using Epson-type heads are entry-level equipment in the UV flatbed printer family, many manufacturers can do it. In order to compete for customer resources, some printer manufacturers have reduced the machine configuration to lower the price of the machine to attract customers, resulting in The quality is not over.

2. Use an Epson flatbed printer to spray UV ink.

Most of the UV printers on the market currently use UV ink, because printing UV ink does not need to spray a layer of coating on the surface of the material, it can be printed directly, and the printing is finished, which is convenient and fast. The Epson print head is not an industrial print head, and it is not suitable for spraying UV ink, which will easily lead to the blockage of the print head; and the UV ink is corrosive to a certain extent, which may corrode the Epson print head, resulting in a short life.

Although Epson flatbed printers are prone to print head failures, their printing accuracy is good. If you don’t have enough budget, it is recommended to buy a printer with EPSON print heads. So we don’t give up food because of choking, and we can’t discard it because it breaks down. We have to take advantage of it. As long as we do daily maintenance and reduce the occurrence of problems, we can extend its life.


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