Why does the UV flatbed printer appear pattern cross color?

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The flat-panel UV printer has high printing accuracy, and can print multiple colors at one time, without the need for color registration, to achieve a perfect color transition. The color error-free printing effect is comparable to the picture, and the printed product is rich in color, clear and bright. But sometimes the phenomenon of pattern cross color may occur, why is this? Is there any workaround? Micolorprint flatbed printer is here to give you a simple and professional answer, hoping to help more friends.

There are two reasons for the pattern cross color on the flatbed printer

One is the oblique spray of the head.

Second, there is a problem with the circuit board.

First, let’s talk about the solution to the oblique spray of the head.

The oblique spray of the head may be blocked internally. It is necessary to clean the inside of the head to ensure the smooth flow of the internal channel. If the head is still obliquely blocked after cleaning, it is necessary to consider replacing the head. At present, most of the heads used in uv printers on the market are the fifth-generation oil-type heads, non-water-based heads, and other heads. When replacing heads, it is best to buy from the original manufacturer, because their heads are the most suitable for printers, and they are all imported. of.

The second is the problem of the circuit board.

Because the phenomenon of oblique spray on the circuit board is mainly concentrated on the modified flatbed printer, the self-developed flatbed printer is not common. Since the modified printer is the circuit board card of the photo machine, printer, and other equipment, in order to realize the UV printing process, the manufacturer will add a lot of external things on the original circuit board card, which causes the UV printer to be extremely unstable, and the resulting problems are all kinds of strange. , it is recommended that the user directly find the manufacturer to solve this situation. It can be seen that when purchasing flatbed printers, it is best to find regular manufacturers and buy machines developed by them independently, which is much more mature in terms of product technology.


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