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Introduction to the application of uv flatbed printer in key chain uv printing

Keychains and keyrings belong to the category of handicrafts. Due to their small area and close contact with people in application scenarios, there are the following points that need to be paid attention to when choosing UV printer equipment: Equipment format: Try to choose small-format equipment that has higher physical and mechanical accuracy than large-format equipment. This refers to original equipment, such as 6090 and 9060 models; if it is a modified machine, such as a4, a3, a2, etc., the price is If it costs a few thousand US dollars or 10,000 to 20,000 US dollars, be careful about the workmanship quality of its parts. Equipment Head: Printing patterns on such a small keychain ring requires very high requirements on the size of the nozzle holes. Generally, you will choose the Epson nozzle (3.5PL) or the Ricoh nozzle (5PL). If the nozzle diameter of the nozzle is too large, the printed pattern will be thick and grainy, which will affect the pattern quality. Key chain ring UV printing renderings: Applicable UV printing keychain ring material: 1. Metal (requires coating) 2. Leather (no coating required) 3. Plastic (no coating required) 4. Wood, etc. Key chain ring uses: 1. Customized corporate brand promotion; 2. New product promotion; 3. Souvenirs from tourist attractions; 4. School anniversary souvenirs; 5. Advertising and other industry souvenirs. Overall, when making keychain rings, processing is mainly based on quantity and is not suitable for small amounts of personalized customization. Although the market demand is relatively large, the processing

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How to apply uv flatbed printer to yoga mat printing?

The process of using UV-printed patterns on yoga mats is becoming more and more widely used. It is mainly affected by three factors: process technology, cost and profit, and user demand. Process technology: Firstly, the adhesion of the pattern is solved, the stretchability is good, and the yoga mat will not fall off or fade due to repeated stretching; secondly, the process is simple, it can be printed directly after being put on, without other links; finally, it is waterproof and friction-resistant The sex has passed the test, and there is no need to worry about fading within 2-3 years. Cost profit: The cost of a printed pattern in white color per square meter of full format is between USD0.8-1. Taking into account labor, water and electricity, equipment depreciation, wages, and other expenses, the overall cost is around USD1.7. If you only print part of the area, the price will be lower, and the market charge is generally USD18-25. User needs: In recent years, there has been rapid growth. In addition to gyms, many end users also choose to use them at home. They can exercise, make crawling mats for children, etc. The most important thing is also the realization of personalized pattern customization, including cartoons, celebrities, plants, and animals. Picture of the finished product of yoga mat UV printing: Yoga mat materials suitable for UV printing: 1. TPE foaming, PVC foaming; 2. EVA, latex mats, CBR mats. Material properties: 1. The surface particles are uniform, the bubbles are full,

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How to use UV flatbed printer to print paddle patterns?

In the early days, the printing of patterns on paddles was relatively simple. Most were single-color or two-color lines, logos, etc. There were very few color printings of complex colors, especially in the area of personalized customization. It is only in recent years that UV printing technology has been gradually chosen for production. Types of paddle materials suitable for UV printing: 1. Carbon fiber (no coating required) 2. Plastic (no coating required) 3. Aluminum alloy (need to wipe the coating) 4. Wood, solid wood 5. Nylon (no coating required) 6. PVC (some require coating) Have to be aware of the following: Since the paddle itself is immersed in water for a long time, waterproofing is a problem to be overcome. Especially for seawater, seawater itself is more corrosive than fresh water. After extensive testing, if post-printing treatment (varnish coating) is not performed, the pattern formed by UV ink will fade. Paddle UV printing renderings: Features of these paddle materials: 1. Anti-bending, durable, and lightweight; 2. High strength and easy to carry. With the rise of DIY paddle pattern customization, we have come into contact with a large number of customers. They mainly make personalized patterns for units and clubs, and most of them are exported. Some of the paddles themselves are uneven, with a height difference between 2-4 mm. When choosing UV printer equipment, you need to test the spraying force of the nozzle. If the spraying force is insufficient, it will be easy to scratch the nozzle or cause

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Why is the application of UV flatbed printers on storage bags gradually maturing?

The storage bags here are not only storage bags for small items but also include express packaging storage bags, stationery, toys, and other materials… At the beginning, the UV printing process was immature on these materials and was not widely used. rise, mainly for two reasons: 1. Pattern adhesion Most UV inks on the market lack adhesion, flexibility, and stretchability on express bags, and are prone to fading and falling off. Although the actual service life of these bags is only about 2 months, they will be replaced and do not need to be stored for a long time. However, due to the high frequency of use of the bag itself and the high intensity of external friction, the pattern color shedding cycle is too short. Finally, after testing more than a dozen UV inks, I selected the suitable one. 2. External environment In recent years, with the promotion of green environmental protection, many highly polluting printing and dyeing methods such as screen printing, solvent-based, and transfer printing have been eliminated. Printing companies also need new processes to help them upgrade and transform themselves. This has also boosted the use of UV printing technology in the industry. Applications in the field of storage bags. Storage bag UV printed finished product: At present, there are several mature materials for UV printing storage bags: 1. PET material; 2. Cotton and linen material; 3. Non-woven material. These material properties: 1. Small, flexible, and highly compressible, saving space; 2. Achieve the functions of dust-proof,

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What is the application of UV flatbed printer in printing diatom mud foot pads?

How to choose a uv flatbed printer? Diatom mud foot pads are printed using UV technology. At present, the technology is very mature. When choosing a UV flatbed printer, you need to pay attention to choosing an industrial type nozzle with a larger nozzle hole. From the perspective of technology and actual production feedback, there are four main reasons: 1. Water absorption performance Through a large number of field tests, it was reported that nozzles with fine nozzle holes (such as Epson fifth-generation nozzles, small Ricoh heads, etc.) with high precision are more serious about diatom mud penetration performance, which will affect the water absorption performance of diatom mud pads and reduce the cost in practical applications. Effect. 2. Ink density If the nozzle holes of the nozzle are small and fine, the amount of ink used to print the pattern will be reduced, and the density of UV ink will be higher than that of the thick nozzle, which will also reduce the water absorption performance of the diatom mud pad. 3. Production efficiency Taking the Seiko gs508 nozzle as an example, the measured speed in production mode is 36㎡/hour. Other types of nozzles are generally around 20 square meters, and some are less than 15㎡. The efficiency is not satisfactory. 4. On-site environment There is a lot of dust at the diatom mud site. In this environment, the service life of the nozzles will be damaged. The more civilian-type nozzles are, the faster they will be damaged. For

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2513 UV flatbed printer supplier

2513 model four-head negative pressure system printer  2513 printer product sales points: 1. XP series heads can be used with cold energy light source LED-UV lamp radiation ink curing devices, adaptable to any material, low-density materials do not need to be sprayed separately, improving printing efficiency and improving Printing effect. 2. Four-head dual-color (KCMY) printing, which can be configured with white ink, and the printing efficiency is twice that of similar printers. 3. The machine has an all-round positioning design, and the product is positioned for printing on various plate materials. The overall design is more reasonable and the overall operation stability is higher. 4. The machine comes with a platform with an intelligent adsorption design (optional), which makes printing flexible materials easier and faster, such as PP, PVC, and decorative wallpapers, saving and preventing the head from damaging materials. 5. The machine head is supported by double imported linear guide rails (optional), which provide more accurate positioning, smoother operation, and longer service life. 6. The most complete R&D technology system in the industry and the cooperation of a high-quality technical team can improve machine performance and add additional equipment according to the specific needs of customers. 2513 model UV printer product description: 1. The printing ink cart can automatically rise and fall according to the thickness of the material, accurately controlling the printing height to ensure printing quality. 2. Computer software’s automatic positioning makes media placement easier and allows printing at any location. 3. The combined ink absorbing stack

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Application of UV flatbed printer in fishing rod printing

Fishing rod trademarks used transfer printing for pattern printing in the early days, and later gradually adopted the UV printing process. Technically speaking, three main problems are solved. 1. Accurate positioning By making a special fishing rod mold to fix the position of the material, deviations are less likely to occur during the pattern printing process. It also improves the efficiency of the operation and eliminates the need to repeat a single alignment process. 2. Jet force intensity The fishing rod trademark itself is cylindrical, with a curvature drop of about 2mm. In addition, the size is relatively small, on the one hand, the requirements for the accuracy of the nozzle are high, and on the other hand, the requirements for the spray force are also relatively strong. There are grayscale industrial nozzles represented by G5i/i1600/i3200/xp600 on the market to solve this problem. 3. Waterproof The actual application scenarios of fishing rods are mostly at the waterside, where they are often in contact with water. The technical problem of the waterproofness of the pattern was not solved in the early stage. Later, after the matching UV ink was satisfied, it spread. Fishing rod UV printing renderings: Types of fishing rod trademark materials that can be printed by UV printer: 1. Made of bamboo wood, no coating required; 2. Glass fiber requires glass coating; 3. Carbon fiber, no coating required; 4. Titanium alloy requires metal coating. Advantages of using UV printing patterns: 1. Environmentally friendly meets current requirements and conforms to

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What are the toxicity of UV ink and its solutions?

Compared with traditional printing pigments (solid, liquid, powder), UV ink is greatly improved in environmental protection. Especially after printing on the surface of the material for 12 hours, it basically has no smell and can be in direct contact with the skin. But it still contains a small amount of toxicity, after all, the ink contains chemicals. What needs to be understood is that the cheaper the inferior UV ink is, the more toxic it is. Compared with imported high-end UV ink, the toxic damage can reach 10 times or even higher. The harm of UV ink is mainly manifested in two aspects: 1. Corrosiveness of ink:  A small number of people have sensitive skin. After contact with UV ink, rashes, and allergies will occur. They need to be washed immediately and apply ointment. If it accidentally splashes into the eyes, rinse with water immediately. 2. The smell of ink is pungent:  some people, especially those with rhinitis or respiratory tract sensitivity, are easily irritated and cause discomfort. Solution: 1. The indoor ventilation should be smooth. Do not install the UV printer in a closed and unventilated place. 2. If possible, the UV printer operating room can be isolated separately. 3. If there are no separate isolation conditions, you can choose to wear a mask for filtering. 4. Technicians should exercise more, eat more fruits, pay attention to their diet, etc. to improve their body’s immunity. Whether it is the operator or the user himself, there is no need to

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